Huguenot Church Register of Pons, France 1648-1680 (Samuel & Elias (Elizée) Prioleau pastors)

This is a work in progress. As I learn better ways to capture and display the images, I will be replacing the images with better ones. Note that the recorder most often uses lower case for the first letter of names. He almost always uses lower case with his name. It is also common in French to not capitalize the first letter of the word following "La", "Le" or "Les". Also he most often does not cross his "t". Good sources to recognizing early letters may be here or better, here. However, the best way is to examine many pages of his handwriting until you can recognize the ways he makes various letters.

A few names, I think I might be able to read and so they appear by the page number. The majority of the names were read by Michel CHAUVIN (many thanks to him for his hard work!) Please pardon the incorrect readings that I have done.