Scot-Irish were known to arrive in Williamsburg county as early as 1732.[1]

According to tradition, my COOK family descended from 3 brothers and a sister who were 
protestants that fought for the King of England and came from the North part of 
Ireland, but were originally from Scotland. So they were Scot-Irish. It was MacCook, 
then McCook, but the Mc was very soft, so it was easily dropped to be just Cook. 
Some say Jesse, a brother, and a sister Peggy came from Ireland to Virginia, then SC 
(and another brother went to Texas).  

Jesse Allen COOK and his wife, Sarah Ann Mahaley (Mohala?) MOORE founded the Pergamos
Church located near Lake City, SC. The land for the church was actually donated by Mahala's 
father, Robert Abraham MOORE.  The plat for the Pergamos Church was recorded 2 Jan 1831,
but the present church sign says "Established 1875".  Robert Abraham Moore did not want
a cemetery there, so Jesse COOK donated the land for what is now known as COOK Cemetery 
located near Lake City.[2]

My grandfather Charles "Charlie" McDuffie COOK's first house can be seen here.

[1]Plantations of the Low Country, by Stoney, Page 23.
[2]Ola Timmons