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Family of Robert "Bob" Abraham COOK and Martha Jane "Ma" BARRINEAU

Husband: Robert "Bob" Abraham COOK (1844-1888)
Wife: Martha Jane "Ma" BARRINEAU (1848-1930)
Children: Susan "Sue" DeLillian COOK (1875-1933)
Charles "Charlie" McDuffie COOK (1876-1938)
Letishua Luticia? "Tissa" COOK (1878-1946)
Jemmina COOK (1879- )
William Zingle COOK (1880- )
Martha Drucilla COOK (1882-1924)
Effie Leona COOK (1885- )
Bessie COOK (1887-1896)
Hattie Jane COOK (1888-1933)

Husband: Robert "Bob" Abraham COOK

Name: Robert "Bob" Abraham COOK
Sex: Male
Father: Jesse Allen COOK (1814-1866)
Mother: Sarah Ann Mahaley (Mohala?) MOORE (1817-1899)
Birth 1844 Ireland(?)
Death 1888 (age 43-44) (1898?)
Burial Cook Cementary, Lake City, SC

Wife: Martha Jane "Ma" BARRINEAU

Name: Martha Jane "Ma" BARRINEAU
Sex: Female
Father: William BARRINEAU (1810-1873)
Mother: Martha Jane GIBSON (1807-1881)
Birth Feb 1848
Baptism 1860 (age 11-12)
Death 3 Oct 1930 (age 82)
Burial Cook Cementery

Child 1: Susan "Sue" DeLillian COOK

Name: Susan "Sue" DeLillian COOK
Sex: Female
Spouse: Simeon "Sim" or "ST" Thomas WEAVER (1869-1946)
Birth 25 Jan 1875
Death Oct 1933 (age 58)
Burial Cook Cemetery

Child 2: Charles "Charlie" McDuffie COOK

Name: Charles "Charlie" McDuffie COOK
Sex: Male
Spouse: Exie Oliva MCCUTCHEON (1896-1966)
Birth 17 Nov 1876 Barrineau Crossroads, SC
Death 26 May 1938 (age 61)
Occupation Estate Farmer

Child 3: Letishua Luticia? "Tissa" COOK

Name: Letishua Luticia? "Tissa" COOK
Sex: Female
Spouse 1: Ezra MORRIS ( -1905)
Spouse 2: Jannie Douglas MORRIS (1888-1958)
Birth 1878
Death 1946 (age 67-68)

Child 4: Jemmina COOK

Name: Jemmina COOK
Sex: Female
Birth 1879

Child 5: William Zingle COOK

Name: William Zingle COOK
Sex: Male
Spouse: Ada Irene SMITH (1887-1939)
Birth 21 Nov 1880
Death "SEP-1931"
Burial Cook Cemetary, Lake City, SC

Child 6: Martha Drucilla COOK

Name: Martha Drucilla COOK
Sex: Female
Spouse: Charlie Aiken OSBORNE (1874-1945)
Birth 25 Oct 1882
Death 1 Jul 1924 (age 41)
Burial Thomas Cemetery

Child 7: Effie Leona COOK

Name: Effie Leona COOK
Sex: Female
Spouse: Eli McSwain KENNEDY ( - )
Birth 1885

Child 8: Bessie COOK

Name: Bessie COOK
Sex: Female
Birth 1887
Death 1896 (age 8-9)
Burial Cook Cemetery

Child 9: Hattie Jane COOK

Name: Hattie Jane COOK
Sex: Female
Spouse: Arthur Barto SMILEY (1882-1976)
Birth 2 Sep 1888
Death 15 Oct 1933 (age 45)
Burial Cook Cemetery

Note on Husband: Robert "Bob" Abraham COOK

1880 Census, Clarendon County, Sandy Grove Township, page 7 ED. 24 CookRobtA WM 35 Farmer Maimed Crippled or Bedridden M.Jane VF 30 Wife SusanD. F 11 Daughter CharlesMcD M 3 Son Jemmina L 1 Daughter According to son Charles, one Sunday evening a cow put her head into the window while Bob was asleep, he put cow in pasture and came back with stroke and died 12 hours later.


1900 census list his children's father place of birth as SC.

Note on Wife: Martha Jane "Ma" BARRINEAU

Letter to Editor about death printed in Kingstree, SC paper. Granddaughter of Rev. Charlie Barrineau, a Methodist minister. 9th Child of Parents.

1900 Census, Sandy Grove Township, Clarendon County.

Note on Child 2: Charles "Charlie" McDuffie COOK

Died with heart attack 5 days after Grandaughter Nellie LeVone Timmons died. He lived 12 hours after having stroke.


Williamsburg County conveyances Book A5 page 471 (microfilm C8823), sold 225 acres to WAJ Moore in 1909 (have a



Bought land that Sandy Bay house was built on in March 1917, book A13 page 8 (roll C8832). Sold land that had house on Postcard a few months later A13 page 7. Sold to William Capers KELLY (1875-1959) and wife (Launa MOORE (1885-1962)).


1900 Census says

Note on Child 3: Letishua Luticia? "Tissa" COOK

Letitia? Died 1946 not 51, Ola Timmons and Doris Bazen visited her in hospital First and second husbands were cousins.


Lake City, Nov 26 1946 - (Special) - Mrs. J. Douglas Morris, 72, died at 8 o'clock Monday morning at the Saunders Memorial hospital in Florence after a brief illness. Funeral services will be held from Cooks Chapel near Lake City at 3 o'clock Tuesday afternoon, conductd by her pastor, the Rev. Lloyd Bolt, assisted by the Rev. Luther Weatherford of Scranton. Interment will be in Cook cemetery. Mrs. Morris was the former Miss Tisher Cook, a daughter of the late Robert A. and Jane Barrineau Cook. She ws born and reared in Clarendon County, but had been living in Lake City for 30 years where she was a faithful member of the Lake City Methodist Church. She was twice married the first time to the Late Mack Morris of Turbeville, who died in 1905. Survivors include her husband, J. Douglas Morris; two sons by the first husband, Levi Morris of Turbeville and W. McRoy Morris of Florence; by the second husband one son, Clarence D. Morris of Lake City, and two daughters, Mrs. Willie Stewart and Mrs. Vernon Evans both of Lake City. She is also survived by 18 grandchildren and nine great-grandchildren.


Actually, Mother (Ola) says -

The funeral was not at Cooks Chapel. The funeral was held at Manonah Methodist Church...about 1 mile farther down the

road. Charles and I grabbed a broom to clean Cooks Chapel...and the procession went on past us. We followed them.

Note on Child 5: William Zingle COOK

Died 1924? Marriage in Family Bible Records p. 259.

Note on Child 8: Bessie COOK

Have Photo.

Note on Child 9: Hattie Jane COOK

Hattie says that Robert (Bob) Abraham COOK died when she was in diapers, therefore he died in 1888, not 1898 that is on tombstone.