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Family of Henry Odis TIMMONS and Nellie Oceola COCKFIELD

Husband: Henry Odis TIMMONS (1891-1961)
Wife: Nellie Oceola COCKFIELD (1899-1937)
Children: Raymond Elmore TIMMONS (1915-1951)
Lenora Elizabeth TIMMONS (1920- )
Withheld ( - )
Marriage 17 Nov 1913 McGee's Crossroads

Husband: Henry Odis TIMMONS

Name: Henry Odis TIMMONS
Sex: Male
Father: James "Jimmy" Harrell TIMMONS (1857-1930)
Mother: Lillie Corinne COCKFIELD (1861-1900)
Birth 29 Mar 1891 Friendfield, SC
Baptism Aug 1909 (age 18) Hebron Baptist Church
Death 2 Sep 1961 (age 70)
Burial Hebron Baptist Church
Occupation Farmer

Wife: Nellie Oceola COCKFIELD

Name: Nellie Oceola COCKFIELD
Sex: Female
Father: Ethan Angus COCKFIELD (1872-1948)
Mother: Leatha Ann J. WILLIAMSON (1880-1956)
Birth 23 Jul 1899
Death 30 Oct 1937 (age 38)

Child 1: Raymond Elmore TIMMONS

Name: Raymond Elmore TIMMONS
Sex: Male
Spouse: Withheld ( - )
Birth 23 Aug 1915 Friendfield, SC
Death 21 Oct 1951 (age 36) Florence, SC
Burial "HEBRON BAPTIST" Friendfield Community, Effingham, SC
Occupation Grocery Stores Owner

Child 2: Lenora Elizabeth TIMMONS

Name: Lenora Elizabeth TIMMONS
Sex: Female
Spouse: Withheld ( - )
Birth 18 Sep 1920

Child 3: Withheld

Name: Withheld
Sex: Female
Spouse 1: Withheld ( - )
Spouse 2: Withheld ( - )
Spouse 3: Withheld ( - )
Spouse 4: E. Leon STEARNS (1920-2006)

Note on Husband: Henry Odis TIMMONS

Henry Timmons was a jokster. He often gave to others even when his family was without.

Marriage in family bible.

Note on Wife: Nellie Oceola COCKFIELD

Had cancer many years before death. Parni would peddle the sewing machine for her so that she could make clothes.

Note on Child 1: Raymond Elmore TIMMONS

Buried at Hebron Baptist church, 8655 Francis Marion Road. Death Certificate 39-12924


His first grocery store was at Gardner's Crossroads near Florence, SC. He also had a stone mill and ground corn meal and grits for many other stores. He eventually had 3 stores in Florence. He raised his own beef and pork and could grade them on the hoof.


He could yodel great.

Note on Child 3: Withheld

Living Individual - Details withheld