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James TIMMONS's other family: with Anna Della MILES (1883-1961)

Family of James "Jimmy" Harrell TIMMONS and Lillie Corinne COCKFIELD

Husband: James "Jimmy" Harrell TIMMONS (1857-1930)
Wife: Lillie Corinne COCKFIELD (1861-1900)
Children: Minnie "Dolly" E. TIMMONS (1881-1951)
Cora Juanita "Nitta" TIMMONS (1884-1979)
Dorcey "Dawsey" Thomas TIMMONS (1886-1962)
Hannah TIMMONS (1888- )
Henry Odis TIMMONS (1891-1961)
Pearl Omega TIMMONS (1893-1895)
Lillian H. TIMMONS (1900- )

Husband: James "Jimmy" Harrell TIMMONS

Name: James "Jimmy" Harrell TIMMONS
Sex: Male
Father: Randleson\Randelson Meyers TIMMONS (1821-1892)
Mother: Martha Margaret? HAM (1821-1874)
Birth 8 Feb 1857 Friendfield, SC
Death 7 Dec 1930 (age 73)
Burial 8 Dec 1930 (age 73) Hebron Baptist 3rd row to right of gate (no markers)

Wife: Lillie Corinne COCKFIELD

Name: Lillie Corinne COCKFIELD
Sex: Female
Father: William Hamilton Col. COCKFIELD (1816-1895)
Mother: Hannah (not Hulda Ann?) JONES (1822-1895)
Birth 1861
Baptism 9 Aug 1885 (age 23-24) Hebron Baptist Church (page 173)
Death 29 Jan 1900 (age 38-39) Hebron Baptist Church (page 276)

Child 1: Minnie "Dolly" E. TIMMONS

Name: Minnie "Dolly" E. TIMMONS
Sex: Female
Spouse: Darley Samuel BOOTLE ( -1959)
Birth 17 Mar 1881
Death 1 Mar 1951 (age 69)
Burial Hebron Baptist Church Cemetery

Child 2: Cora Juanita "Nitta" TIMMONS

Name: Cora Juanita "Nitta" TIMMONS
Sex: Female
Spouse: Isaiah (Isaac?) POSTON (1896-1973)
Birth Aug 1884
Death 1979 (age 94-95)

Child 3: Dorcey "Dawsey" Thomas TIMMONS

Name: Dorcey "Dawsey" Thomas TIMMONS
Sex: Male
Spouse: Lebenan HAYES (1896-1988)
Birth 19 Feb 1886
Death 9 Sep 1962 (age 76) North Carolina
Burial Hebron Baptist Church Cemetery

Child 4: Hannah TIMMONS

Name: Hannah TIMMONS
Sex: Female
Birth Jul 1888

Child 5: Henry Odis TIMMONS

Name: Henry Odis TIMMONS
Sex: Male
Spouse: Nellie Oceola COCKFIELD (1899-1937)
Birth 29 Mar 1891 Friendfield, SC
Baptism Aug 1909 (age 18) Hebron Baptist Church
Death 2 Sep 1961 (age 70)
Burial Hebron Baptist Church
Occupation Farmer

Child 6: Pearl Omega TIMMONS

Name: Pearl Omega TIMMONS
Sex: Female
Birth 12 Oct 1893
Death 22 Jul 1895 (age 1)
Burial Hebron Baptist Church

Child 7: Lillian H. TIMMONS

Name: Lillian H. TIMMONS
Sex: Female
Spouse: Henry? ALTMAN ( - )
Birth Jan 1900

Note on Husband: James "Jimmy" Harrell TIMMONS

21 in 1880 census, 10 in 1870.


Jimmy and his brother George married sisters, Lillie and Belton Cockfield. Jimmy had 3 daughters die when babies. Buried in row with wife Lilie, Pearl, Hannah, and Cora. Raymond E. Timmons dreamed that Jimmy died Saturday night. Raymond made his parents go to Vox that Sunday morning and found that he had died.


His house is off Friendfield Rd just east of 33 56.70 -79 39.60. Was later farmed by Seymour and Cliff Bootle.


Jimy TIMMONS Self M Male W 21 SC Farmer SC SC

Lillie TIMMONS Wife M Female W 19 SC Keeping House SC SC

Source Information: Census Place Cains, Marion, South Carolina

Family History Library Film 1255234 NA Film Number T9-1234 Page Number 45A


SC Death Certificate 20789 lists death as 7 Dec 1930 and date of birth 8 Feb 1857. 1900 census says 8 Feb 1858.


Childrens birth dates in 1900 census, SC, Florence, Cains Township, page 1.

Note on Child 1: Minnie "Dolly" E. TIMMONS

When her house burned, Aunt Minnie built house near The Old Mill Pond. The area was used as a park, swimming, fishing and grinding meal. Was once owned by TIMMONS, now public property. Told by Ruth TIMMONS Hayes.

1900 census says birth Feb 1881.

Note on Child 2: Cora Juanita "Nitta" TIMMONS

Captain John TIMMONS book has birth as Aug 1884.

Note on Child 3: Dorcey "Dawsey" Thomas TIMMONS

Captain John TIMMONS book has b.19 Feb 1886 d.9 Sep 1962.


Darcey, C„ote-d'Or is a commune in Bourgogne (Dijon?), France. Is this where Dorcey's name originated???

Note on Child 5: Henry Odis TIMMONS

Henry Timmons was a jokster. He often gave to others even when his family was without.

Marriage in family bible.

Note on Child 6: Pearl Omega TIMMONS

When Jimmy remarried after Lillie died, he had another daughter who he also named Pearl.

Page 63 of Sermon in Stones Volume 3.

Note on Child 7: Lillian H. TIMMONS

Died while in childbirth, less than 20 years old? Or did she die at birth?