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Family of Brig. Gen. Francis "Swamp Fox" MARION and Mary Esther VIDEAU

Husband: Brig. Gen. Francis "Swamp Fox" MARION (1732-1795)
Wife: Mary Esther VIDEAU (1737-1815)
Marriage 20 Apr 1786

Husband: Brig. Gen. Francis "Swamp Fox" MARION

Name: Brig. Gen. Francis "Swamp Fox" MARION
Sex: Male
Father: Gabriel MARION ( -1750)
Mother: Esther CORDES (1695- )
Title Brig. Gen.
Birth 1732 St. John's Parish, Goatfield Plantation
Death 27 Feb 1795 (age 62-63) Pond Bluff, Berkeley, SC
Burial Belle Isle Plantation - Marion Family Cemetary near St. Stephens

Wife: Mary Esther VIDEAU

Name: Mary Esther VIDEAU
Sex: Female
Father: Henry Joseph VIDEAU (1700?-1773)
Mother: Ann CORDES (1703-1772)
Birth 17 Sep 1737
Death 26 Jul 1815 (age 77)

Note on Husband: Brig. Gen. Francis "Swamp Fox" MARION

Francis and his brother Job joined the militia on 31 Jan 1756.


Marriage and Death Notices from the City Gazette of Thursday April 20, 1786:

Married. Brigadier-General Francis Marion who served with great reputation in

the late war, to Miss Mary-Esther Videau, of St. John's Parish.

Belle Isle Plantation - Marion Family Cemetary

Marion, General Francis

d/27 Feb.1795 in 73rd year

Marion, Francis Oldest grave in the cemetery

To preserve to posterity this Burial place of on honored son replaces the crumbling and broken tomb nearly a century old with this enduring memorial cut from her own granite hills estaperpetua. Sacred to the memory of Gen. Francis Marion who departed this life on the 27th February 1795, in the sixty-third year of his age. Deeply regretted by all his fellow-citizens. History will record his worth and rising generations embalm his memory as one of the most distinguished patriots and heroes of the American Revolution which elevated his native Country to honor and independence and secured to her the blessings of Liberty and Peace. This tribute of veneration and gratitude is erected in commemoration of the noble and gallant exploits of the soldier who lived without fear and died without reproach.


From the SC Historical Society, in the Simons folder,

letters of James Simons from the Revoltionary war time

period. It said "Mary Esther Simons, (Mrs. Holmes), the

woman Gen'l Francis Marion loved and who refused him." So

now we know why Francis Marion did not marry until old.

Note on Wife: Mary Esther VIDEAU


Located four miles east of Eutaw Springs in the Upper St. John's parish, the plantation is now home of Joseph Palmer Simons and his sister, Miss Julia Simons, direct descendant of Colonel Keating Lewis Simons to whom the place was willed by the general's widow.

Marion probably moved to Pond Bluff immediately after purchasing it in 1773. His plantation adjoined lands of his cousin and future wife, Miss Mary Videau. Thus, by the marriage of the owners, a large tract of land was united. The wealthy Miss Videau was a large land owner. The last of her line, she had inherited all the property of her mother and of her two brothers.